Richard Ali A Mutu is a Congolese writer living in Kinshasa who writes in French and in Lingala. His novel, Ebamba Kinshasa Makambo, written in Lingala, one of the ​​most widely spoken languages in Congo and Central Africa, has been translated into French with the same title and into English and published by Phoneme media, under the title Mr Fix It.

He was selected as one of the 39 sub-Saharan writers aged under 40 from the Africa39 Anthology. Richard is winner of other literary prizes including the Mark Twain Prize in 2009. He is the founder of the Association of Young Writers of Congo (AJECO) and currently works as Head of the Wallonia-Brussels Library in Kinshasa.

Among his publications are Le Cauchemardesque de Tabu, recueil des nouvelles, éd. Mabiki –  éd. Medispaul, Kinshasa, 2011-2014; – Ebamba, Kinshasa-Makambo, lisolo (roman), éd. Mabiki, Wavre, 2014 – Okozonga Maboko pamba, masolo yab mikuse (nouvelles), Mabiki, Wavre, 2017 – Et les portes sont de bouches, roman, à paraître.