Beata Umubyeyi Mairesse was born in Butare, Rwanda in 1979. Her life was dramatically changed by the Tutsi genocide in 1994. She fled to France as a teenager, armed with the most precious luggage possible: her passion for literature. After studying political science at Sciences-Po Lille and international cooperation at La Sorbonne, she started working in NGOs, travelling from continent to continent (Cameroun, Senegal, Vietnam, Peru, Canada…). She now lives in the city of Bordeaux and work as a suicide prevention programme manager. Her notebooks and her love of English language literatures naturally led her to write short stories.

Her books include the short story collections Ejo (2015) which won the Francois Augiéras Book Prize 2016 and the Ailleurs Book Prize 2017 as well Lezardes (2017) which won the Estuaire Book Prize 2017 and the La Boétie Book Prize 2019. She has also written the novel Apres Le Progres (2019) and the poetry collection Tout Tes Enfants Disperses (2019).